Team Credas – Meet Our ID Verification Team.

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce Team Credas.

We launched our ID Verification product in May this year, and we thought we’d use this first blog to take some time out to introduce ourselves.


What Credas do in a nutshell?

The first of its kind in the UK, Credas has created an app that uses facial recognition technology to enable businesses to verify identification remotely.

We offer a simple, slick and smart way to confirm that the ID document is genuine, and the person verifying is real and present.

Verifying can be incredibly time-consuming in many industries and our technology can be used across numerous sectors to help speed up and simplify processes – including Right to Work, Know Your Customer, Modern Slavery, ID Checks, and Anti-Money Laundering.

Credas can check over 4,000 different ID documents and our NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip reading technology can read biometric data which ensures further data integrity.

We have clients in recruitment, financial services, and legal sectors and have been able to help the property industry with new regulatory requirements surrounding anti-money laundering (AML).

In December 2017 we conducted market research with estate agents and found that it takes, on average, four business days a month to complete AML checks, with one of the main barriers to completion cited as getting hold of clients.

Credas allows you to invite people to verify in their own time. Meaning businesses no longer have to meet every client in person to check documents. The Credas system saves time and money by providing an instant response to clients and users.

So who are we?

Team Credas CEO and founder Rhys David, is a former executive at GoCompare, who has more than 15 years’ experience in technology and innovation.

Kevin Smith is our Head of Product & Technology. Kevin brings over 20 years’ experience in Product Development, Management, and Agile Delivery, gained across a range of industries and sectors.

He has been at the helm of more than 80 million-pound product and software development projects and is a perfect fit for Credas.

Our Head of Marketing is Emma Williams. Emma was formerly at Legal and General, where she delivered group protection marketing campaigns, and before that, she worked at Buy As You View as marketing manager.

We also have a few other former GoCompare people on the team with our developers Patrick Pulka and Bleddyn Richards.

Leah Amesbury is our project manager and has a wealth of experience in the banking and finance sectors.

We are a small but select line-up, and we think we have the best team out there at the moment to develop, build and market what is a fast, simple, hassle-free tool to verify ID in different sectors.

Rhys loves his team, as he explains:

We believe that Credas’ technology is the best on the market and we needed a good team in place to help the business grow quickly. I am thrilled with the appointments made so far and confident that the team in place will help us realise our potential.

The potential for Credas is massive as with Brexit on the horizon, as well as changes around GDPR, the need for ID checks, verification and security, as well as easy integration into other systems, is going to become increasingly important, and we feel that team Credas is best placed to make this happen.

We love working in the world of tech and especially creating a product that we think is the best on the market, and one which will help lots of sectors and markets.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about Credas or chat to our team members!